Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#Girlboss - Sophia Amoruso

Well I don't know about this one.  The author says it is not a memoir or a how to book, but then proceeds to tell you about her life and how she set up her business.

Always being a bit of a rebel, she sets herself up selling vintage clothes on ebay making it into a multi million dollar business before she is thirty.  With no college education or business background she was motivated and worked really hard to look after her customers and increase sales.

You have to admire someone who can build this big a business without any debt.  She does also offer some good advice about how to do a good interview, how to succeed as an employee.

I wasn't so hot on the chapters when she talked about how she ripped people off and shoplifter to get money.  And somehow I was left with the impression like I was getting shouted at while I was reading. 3/5

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Lost Book Of The Grail - Charlie Lovett

Arthur is in his forties teaching English at Barchester University.   In his spare time he attends church even though he has lost his belief in God and searches through the libraries manuscripts to find clues about the Grail.

His life is changed when Bethany Davis arrives.  A young American, she has arrived with a mission to digitize the library manuscripts.  With a pent for computers and modernization will she be able to bring Arthur into the 21st century?

I really enjoyed this book, Charlie Lovett can tell a good story and the combination of history, antique books, Arthurian lore and Grail hunting is particularly compelling.   4/5

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Lion In The Living Room - Abigail Tucker

Abigail Tucker takes us on a journey in this book, to discover how cats have taken over living rooms and houses round the world.   It was interesting to read about how cats were mainly brought inside to catch rats, but in reality have little interest in them.  She discusses how cats are creatures of habit and want their meals at set times which explains why my cat will be ready for her dinner each day at 4pm.

There was a fair amount about shelters and the amount of cats killed each year, staggering numbers and hugely sad to think about.  I think that I wanted a little more from this book, somehow there was very little about the benefits of having cats as pets and the reasons why so many people world wide love their furry companions. 3/5

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Scent of You - Maggie Alderson

This for me was a nice middle aged chick lit read.  Instead of having a twenty or thirty year old main character, our protagonist Polly is a grown up girl with grown children.

A perfume blogger who also teaches yoga, Polly is forced into deciding what she wants her future wants to look like when her husband David leaves her for a research trip.

Although the book was a bit filled with cliches - the model mother, the nosy best friend and the horsey double barreled named handsome ex from college, there was enough of a story to keep me entertained throughout.   3/5

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Bone Field - Simon Kernick

A young girl goes missing 21 years ago on a holiday in Thailand, but there are secrets about her fate just waiting to be revealed in this fast paced thriller by Simon Kernick.

Without giving the plot away there is lots of baddies, an earnest but flawed cop (are there any other kinds of police?), a tough heroic private eye, tough street guys, scared woman, guns, knives, chasing and gangs.

This book reminded me of early Lee Childs and Peter James and look forward to the next one, especially as this ended on a cliffhanger.  4/5

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Walks With My Dog

Being on a tight budget I cannot afford such fripperies as Sky tv, so have to search the channels that free TV offers to find some quality shows, where documentaries are hidden at odd hours.  Anyways I have found this BBC one Walks With My Dog.  On each show a couple of UK celebs take you on a little walk round a part of the UK.  The scenery is delicious and they talk to some interesting folks on their journey.

It is relaxing watching and makes me feel zen and with a deep yearning for a little scruffy dog and a worn khaki jacket. 5/5

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Where She Went - B.E.Jones

Melanie Black wakes up in a strange bed next to a new man and wonders how she got there and so begins this unique take on the old murder mystery.  It kept me guessing most of the way through and I couldn't wait to sit down and read each new chapter. 4/5

Monday, May 01, 2017

Monday Night Laughs - Zoe Lyons Live at the Apollo

After a week of being sick and the first day back at work I could do with a laugh before bedtime.  Zoe Lyons - Live at the Apollo.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Grace Notes - Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal has been one of those actresses who I lived in the roles I have seen her in, the fantastic Peg Bundy in Married with Children to the tough mom Gemma on Sons of Anarchy.  Yet I knew nothing if her private life, so for me this book really showed me who she is.

In a series of essays she talks about the times and people in her life.  Her parents who died while she was young, her relationships with various men, her singing career, acting and then writing and her deep deep love with her children and husband.

  For me there was a real poetic quality to her writing and the stories about her kids and partner were just a joy to read.  4/5

Friday, April 28, 2017

Ambulance Girls - Deborah Burrows

Lily Brennan is a young Australian who is working in London during the Blitz.  As well as transporting the injured and wounded to hospitals around the city, she helps to search bombed sites and rescue the trapped and wounded.

When her partner David Levy goes missing she wonders if he has been involved in foul play, there have been whispers round the station and she is suspicious about several of her colleagues motives.

I enjoyed this light read which transported me to the streets of London.  4/5