Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Stranger - Harlan Coben

Adam Price is married and raising two teenage boys, when life is about to change.  I do like Harlan Cobens books, as an author he introduces you to ordinary characters that you can picture doing normal everyday things, like cooking dinner, going to work, heading out for a run.  Then when the pressure is on - you often end up thinking what would you do if you were in their position?

I did like the book, felt that it was perfect for this time, where people think that their secrets are safe on-line, but somehow I felt like I missed the tension.  I wasn't really scared, by the end of the novel I just felt a little flat and disappointed, like I hadn't really got the point. 3/5

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Ghost Fields - Elly Griffiths

Ruth Galloway is back, and like a friend you haven't seen in a while, you welcome her company and get used to her ways again.  Much as I love her and the men who circle her, I found it hard to get into this story and felt a bit confused by it.  I understand when she is called in to comment on the body found, but a bit like the old Bones situation, I don't understand why she gets more involved in investigating the cause of death, thinking that would more be the role of the police.

Still lovely though, the settings, the characters all are more than welcome and I look forward to their return. 2/5

Monday, June 15, 2015

Music Monday - Ship to Wreck - Florence + The Machine

Oh my goodness I am loving this song right now.  I saw the live version played on a tv chat show and it was just as good.  She does sing like an angel with great power, and not in the Mariah Carey way which makes me grit my teeth.  Loving the hipster/boho house too.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

One Summer in Venice - Nicky Pellegrino

Things are beginning to crumble in Dollys life.  Her  home life with her husband and daughter isn't happy, and things at the family restaurant aren't peachy either. So suggested by her sister, she takes a week vacation to Venice alone, to clear her head, relax and eat some food.  This leads her on a journey to find our what makes her happy.

I have enjoyed most of Nicky Pellegrinos novels, as she takes us to exotic Italian destinations, that although filled with clich├ęd characters, full of magical families that I wonder how many tourists would really encounter in t a town full of visitors, she still makes this sea change story enjoyable and sweet. 4/5

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Mad Max Fury Road

I know - what was I thinking?   I have a soft spot for the old mad max movies of the 80s or was it the 90s?  Anyways there was not a lot to choose from this week, and the niece was keen for a study break.  So after a sushi picnic lunch in the sun, we took ourselves off to the 3D movie.  Must say from the get go, it's pretty loud, violent and dusty.  Those actors must have been shaking sand out of their crevices for weeks afterwards.  Must ave been nice to take a shower too.

Charlize was rocking the bad girl vibe - she was pretty convincing.  Not sure about old Tom Hardy.  He did wear the leather well, and I liked that he looked scared the first third of the movie.  Anyways these guys must have needed a long, long rest after this movie, so much running, fighting, jumping, twisting and so hot and dusty.  Phew - it made me tired.  3/5

Saturday, June 06, 2015


Winter has now begun here in the capital city, and it is the perfect weather to meet besties for lunch and then head out for a brisk walk and then a movie.  Luckily that the cinema was a lot warmer than the cafe, so it made for a comfortable way to spend two hours on a Saturday afternoon (yes I know - officially old now that I don't want to go out and see a movie after 7pm).

So we enjoyed this little Spy movie.  It was refreshingly funny, really a bit of a send up of all the serious Bond/Statham movies that take themselves a little bit too seriously.  There was a bit of swearing in there if you don't like that kind of thing, but we thought Melissa did a fabulous job, and we enjoyed Mirandas part too.  I liked that they kept the humour up right to the end too, rather than doing what many films do and fail at of doing funny at the start then serious and boring at the end.  Us too middle aged ladies did more laughing than eye rolling - so for that we give it a 4/5.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Lunch in Paris - Elizabeth Bard

I must say that I did enjoy most of this book right from the first day.  Many of us may daydream about living in a cute apartment in Paris, I for one do, but only with a bucket full of money, so that wouldn't happen for me anytime soon.  After a long distance romance, Elizabeth Bard, an American journalist moves to Paris to move in with her boyfriend, a small dingy apartment.  Still there is a lot of charm and good food that comes with living in France, but we sense a lot of frustration with the way many things are done.

I was one part loving the book, it was nice to see the relationship develop between Elizabeth and her partner and then I would find myself becoming annoyed with the author, as she belittled the French for not being like Americans.  I guess that different cultures tackle things differently, and I was a bit frustrated with her not being open minded and appreciating her new homeland.  3/5

Monday, June 01, 2015

Music Monday - Marvin Gaye - Charlie Puth Ft. Meghan Trainor

I have been on call the past three days of work, and for me it means I am unable to listen to music to and from work, just in case the call phone rings.  Such a shame as I do like my tunes, but the mornings have not been too cold and it has been quiet, so nice to listen to the little birds out early foraging for food.

So day off tomorrow and ready for some music again!!  I am enjoying this one, a bit cheesy sweet but the addition of Meghan Trainor gives it some class.