Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Lunch in Paris - Elizabeth Bard

I must say that I did enjoy most of this book right from the first day.  Many of us may daydream about living in a cute apartment in Paris, I for one do, but only with a bucket full of money, so that wouldn't happen for me anytime soon.  After a long distance romance, Elizabeth Bard, an American journalist moves to Paris to move in with her boyfriend, a small dingy apartment.  Still there is a lot of charm and good food that comes with living in France, but we sense a lot of frustration with the way many things are done.

I was one part loving the book, it was nice to see the relationship develop between Elizabeth and her partner and then I would find myself becoming annoyed with the author, as she belittled the French for not being like Americans.  I guess that different cultures tackle things differently, and I was a bit frustrated with her not being open minded and appreciating her new homeland.  3/5

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