Saturday, June 06, 2015


Winter has now begun here in the capital city, and it is the perfect weather to meet besties for lunch and then head out for a brisk walk and then a movie.  Luckily that the cinema was a lot warmer than the cafe, so it made for a comfortable way to spend two hours on a Saturday afternoon (yes I know - officially old now that I don't want to go out and see a movie after 7pm).

So we enjoyed this little Spy movie.  It was refreshingly funny, really a bit of a send up of all the serious Bond/Statham movies that take themselves a little bit too seriously.  There was a bit of swearing in there if you don't like that kind of thing, but we thought Melissa did a fabulous job, and we enjoyed Mirandas part too.  I liked that they kept the humour up right to the end too, rather than doing what many films do and fail at of doing funny at the start then serious and boring at the end.  Us too middle aged ladies did more laughing than eye rolling - so for that we give it a 4/5.

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