Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Death Class - Erika Hayasaki

Professor Norma Rowe teaches a course on death at a small college in New Jersey, which due to its popularity has a three year wait list to get into.  The author, journalist Erika Hayasaki is spends four years observing and is accepted in the course, as long as she participates in all the school work.

As well as visits to the mortuary, prison, hospice and crematoriums we get to learn about Normas upbringing, her previous career as a mental health nurse, and about the students she teaches and the impact she has on their lives.

As well as looking at death, she also encourages the students to participate in their community, giving back and helping others, and you have to admire Norma for sharing her wisdom with so many students and their families, for being available in so many difficult situations.

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