Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Date For Mad Mary

It was a bit of a quiet weekend in the city with plenty of spring rain.  Good for the gardens, but we are all a bit over it.  I would have preferred to see Victoria and Abdul, but that wasn't going to work out.  So we went to see this one, a movie none of us knew about.

Mary is in her 20s and just out of prison for a violent attack.  She is to be a matron of honor at her best friends wedding, but needs to find a  date to be her plus one.  On line it is described as an Irish comedy but it is not roll around the floor funny and I would think it should be under the drama genre.

It was OK, and although we knew little about it we were entertained and a little surprised at how it ended.  3/5


sallyhicks said...

It is raining here and how we need it . We live in a path between the West Coast. and the East. We have to pay heaps for extra water supply as our tank is governed by the local council. It is ironic that since I requested more water into the tank we don't need but here comes summer and at least I am sure I will be pleased then. My garden was my life and it would be good to have enough to kp it going over summer.just finished watching queen Victoria and why she was fat but the utube on her and Abdul most interesting and I am sure the film should be good.

John Bellen said...

It doesn't really sound like a comedy, does it?