Sunday, December 29, 2013

Finding Colin Firth - Mia March

I read The Meryl Streep Book Club by this author when it came out, you don't need to have read it to get this book, it just provides a bit of the location setting for most of the book and the characters who were central to its story are just bit players in this one.  We get to meet Bea who has arrived in Boothbay Harbour to search for her birth mother,  Gemma who has lost her job and is searching for what to do with her life and Veronica who has come to see if she can heal from her past.

Colin Firth is also meant to be in town filming his latest blockbuster, which did feel like a name dropping exercise as he didn't feature as prominently as a girl might like in the story.  I did end up feeling a bit meh about the story as you knew it would all work out for the ladies and somehow none of them seemed to have a real spark.  3/5

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