Sunday, December 22, 2013

Letters From Skye - Jessica Brockmole

It's always nice to get a good little surprise when you pick up a book and start reading. I was hooked from the beginning of this story.  We meet Elspeth Dunn, a young poet living in remote Skye in 1912.  She receives a letter from a young American student Davey, who has recently read a book of her poetry.  Their correspondence continues and a friendship develops.  Told in letter form, this story is not only about Elspeth and Davey, but also about Margaret and her mother, a mother who has never shared her past with her daughter.  Determined to find out about her father, we learn about her discoveries through her own letters written in the 1940s.

For me it was a 4/5 - as I like a little bit of wartime romance and I didn't really mind the letter format, as the story flowed.

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