Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Spare Brides - Adele Parks

Oh Downton Abbey, you have birthed a whole industry of early 20th century inspired novels I am sure.  I guess now, a hundred years later, we can see that in the time during the first world war and just after, there was so much change in society and that for women, with many of the men they knew either killed or changed by war, life would now offer them different choices.  I did like the ladies in this book, of course you have the rich and beautiful girls swanning about, and the dowdy left behind girl, but they were all likeable and a good bit of lust/romance is just what a girl needs to read every now and again.  4/5

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Pia K said...

I'm in awe of people who (still) manage to read so much! I don't any longer, my mind pretty much always wanders and it has to be a superspecial book to draw me in and wanting me to finish it quickly. Too many unread books at hom already I rarely bother browsing bookshops any longer. It saddens me. But I'm grateful for all the other things I love to do and experience! It would indeed be truly awful if I felt I wasn't living a rich life without all that reading I used to do. Life changes, for better and for worse.