Friday, April 18, 2014

The One Plus One - Jojo Moyes

You kind of know the story and how it is going to end from the start.  Jess is a single mother, raising a teenage stepson Nick and young gifted daughter Tanzie.  Times are tough, besides juggling a cleaning job, barwork, raising the kids and looking after their house, she has a deadbeat ex who doesn't contribute.  When an opportunity arises for Tanzie to get into an exclusive school for gifted children, she risks everything to take her to a maths competition in Scotland.

Forced to rely on the kindness of Ed, one of her customers she learns that he is battling his own problems.

Enough said?  Have I given it away?  Anyway if you have read Jojo Moyes, you already know that she writes well on the subject of relationships and makes it an entertaining journey.  I just didn't really love the story - it was ok, and made good rainy night reading, and I could see it being a movie of the week.


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