Saturday, June 07, 2014

Beauty - Louise Mensch

It felt like the late 80's reading this book, you know the era of the power bitch, sticking it to the men that have done her wrong, shoulder pads and high heels.  I guess the shoulder pads were lost in this story, and we meet Louise Mensch as she is being born to a mother, who resents her from birth, ignoring her demands and pandering to her older brother.  Abandoned and alone, Dina Kane has to make her own way in the world, which isn't easy when you are 18, broke and alone in New York City.

So we get to follow her on her journey as she tries to make it in the beauty business, where she meets a bunch of uptight men, determined to get in her way.  You can't help but feel empowered by her fast track up the career ladder and  success at flipping houses, I wish I had made that much cash in my twenties!!

So a 4/5 for this book, it would make a great holiday read!

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