Wednesday, August 06, 2014

A Lovely Way to Burn - Louise Welsh

In a time when Ebola is hitting the headlines and it feels like it could sweep in and wipe us away, this novel is a timely tale.  Stevie Flint is a saleswoman on a tv show, when she becomes sick with what is known as the sweats, a deadly virus that kills most within days.  Upon recovering she goes to find her surgeon boyfriend, who is dead in a London flat, and she suspects that he has been murdered.

You know, I could see this being a successful BBC three part drama, and I did like the story, I just didn't quite believe in it.  She only knew the guy for a short while, and didn't know him too well - so I just didn't get why she cared so much, and why she pursued it so much.  I mean, doesn't she watch the Walking Dead or other apocalyptic disaster shows?  Doesn't she know that people are going to get nasty and mean?

I am always somewhat disappointed when I pick up a book that says it is book one of three.  It means it always is going to feel unresolved at the end, you have to get through the middle filler book before you get to the beefy finale and it might be years before the next book comes out - something my middle aged lady brain might be unable to cope with.


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