Saturday, August 01, 2015

Banksy Does New York

Oh you little documentaries, you are quite the pleasure sometimes, both entertaining and informing.  In October 2013, the street artist Banksy started a month long showing of his street art in New York.  Every day and every morning, clues would pop up on Instagram detailing where the days art would be, and eager fans would search it out like a giant scavenger hunt, hoping to view it before it was often painted over or stolen.  You have to admire the artists humour, as many of the pieces were so very clever and witty and made you smile, or they sent a serious message and made you think. 

We walked away thinking it had been a great little programme, and wishing we had been the kiwi girl to pick up two original paintings for $60 each actually worth $250,000.  4/5

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