Friday, July 31, 2015

While We're Young

So the next movie was the dreaded Dromedy - you know the one.  Starts off as a funny comedy, then tries to become a deep and meaningful serious drama to get its point across, but instead just results in a bit of a bore during the second half.  Neither me or my bestie are excited by the thought of a Ben Stiller movie, although he is one of the more watchable manboys.  We do like Naomi Watts though, so it seemed like an ok pick.

Ben and Naomi are a middle aged couple who find themselves questioning how they live when the become friends with a couple of free spirited twenty five year olds.  We did laugh at lots of the situations, we totally get the slide into getting old.  Me and my bestie creak when we get up, and are pleased when an evening out is over by 7pm. 

I came out thinking that the writers had a lot of good ideas at the beginning of the movie, and a lot of good jokes, but not a concrete believable story to hold the movie together.  Like a lot of recent movies, it just feels like a lot of skits strung together, some of which work, but some are just there for cheesy effect.  3/5

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