Friday, July 31, 2015


Mmmm I am beginning to have reservations about French films.  So many I have seen have been kind of bland and abrupt, they seem to have a certain sensibility that I don't get.  Some I have been tempted to leave half way through, but always stay hoping they will get better.  They do some comedies very well, but the dramas can be a bit hit or miss.

  Girlhood started off ok, I liked the tough girls from the neighbourhood they formed a good strong friendship, although I didn't like them being bullies and picking on other females.  The second half of the movie felt a big disjointed to me.  The main character seems to change without a lot of supporting story, it just seemed to switch in its tone, and tried to be gritty, but seemed to fail.  I get that life is tough on the streets in France, for a young woman without a lot of support, the choices must be limited.  2/5

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