Monday, July 27, 2015


Hello International Film Festival nice to see you again.  Always a sign that winter is almost over, and is a nice break away from work.  So I started this afternoon by seeing this documentary called Sherpa.  Just amazing, the scenery was spectacular, you can understand the beauty and the majesty of the mountain, and see why people are compelled to climb Mt Everest. 

Each climber pays between 75-100K to climb the mountain, with the government taking 30% of the funds, without providing much in the way of insurance or support to the Nepalese who work for the climbing companies.  Doing most of the grunt work, these Sherpas carry the equipment up to base camp, and onto further camps up the mountain.  It was amazing to see the huge loads they carried, and how hard they worked.  I never knew that leaving base camp to climb higher, that they did much of this over night in the cold and dark, to avoid the melting ice during the day.

Anyway the whole sold out audience was gasping throughout and it was a movie that you could have carried on watching for another couple of hours, it was such a beautiful interesting watch.  5/5.

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Simba said...

Thanks for the recommendation. The film sounds very interesting.