Saturday, December 19, 2015

5 Flights Up - Middle Aged Lady Movie Night

Currently I am hosting a few germs from one of the nice patients I was looking after last week.  So it was a day of pottering round at home.  I was going to have an early night, but instead decided that a little movie would make the evening better.  I had considered seeing this one at the cinema when it played here recently, but it was only on a limited release and seemed to come and go super quickly.

Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton play Alex and Ruth, a couple who have been married for forty years and lived in the same Brooklyn apartment, 5 flights walk up with their senior dog Dorothy.  Now as they age they realize that it may be a wise time for them to consider moving.

This one was a sweet quick watch.   Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton made a sweet couple  nd are magic to watch on the screen.  It is easy to be mesmerized by Morgans silky voice and I could have listened to him talk  all night.  The apartment they lived in was lovely and as we all know about the trouble with buying and selling houses, the plot of the movie is not hard to predict.  Still a sweet middle aged lady 4/5.

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