Sunday, December 06, 2015

The Block

In NZ and Australia we are tantalized every year by a series called The Block.  Four young photogenic couples are chosen to do up four almost identical houses, renovate them, then they are auctioned off and they get to keep the profits.  Tonights NZ series finished tonight, and although I haven't watched it all I have tuned in every now and then.  On the whole the houses are pretty amazing and done in a modern relaxed style with lots of white, and black floors and grey details.  Certainly very livable and roomy, although I often wonder about their heating choices as they seem to have a heat pump in the living room, but no heating in the bedrooms and lack of storage as few have cupboards for putting the vacuum cleaner and mops in or enough storage in the bathrooms.

My big beef is that I think these shows have gotten a bit out of control over the past few years.  Tonights winner was sold for $1.35 million dollars, giving the young couple almost $200,000 in profit which is good for them.  I am glad that for all the hard work, all couples made some money and come out ahead.  I just wish that the houses were more affordable, more realistic financially.

I am not a huge fan of the NZ version, but I love watching the Australians as they have more access to a huge range of furniture and design choices, whereas the poor Kiwi cousins get to shop mostly at Freedom Furniture giving a bit more of a boring generic look.

With lots of home shows, I would love to see something a bit more down to earth and simplistic.

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