Saturday, March 12, 2016

Taking the Journey - Kelvin Cruickshank

I am a bit of a fan of psychic Kelvin Cruickhank - I have read and enjoyed his other books, and was lucky enough to attend one of his shows and he comes across as an interesting and compassionate person.  In this latest book, he expands on his others discussing what happens when we die, and that we hold the ability to communicate with our loved ones that have passed.

For me - it did bring tears, after losing my lovely dad only 3 weeks earlier, but I love the idea that my parents are still listening and looking after us, and can sense our love.  I liked the interviews of people that Kelvin has read for and their descriptions of how it helped them.  Kelvin also gives a personal perspective to his books, talking about the ups and downs in his own life.

Their were also a few chapters about near death experiences, as I have had two men tell me that they experienced similar things during surgery/health dramas where they left their bodies and were able to witness what staff were saying and doing to their bodies.

So even though I am not sure what I believe, I certainly found it an interesting and entertaining read. 4/5

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