Thursday, April 07, 2016

Somewhere Inside of Happy - Anna McPartlin

Maisie finds herself having to stand in front of a group and talk about her son, her son who died twenty years previously, and this leads us into the story of Jeremy and his best mate Rave, Bridie Maisies mother who is suffering from dementia and Valerie Maisies young daughter, and Maisie herself who is trying to negotiate a new relationship.

I did find the beginning of the story a bit slow, but once going it was a nice family story that reminded me very much of Jojo Moyes and her storytelling.  A good solid tale of love and family and that relationships grow and change throughout the years, and that everyone deserves happiness, in whatever form that takes. 4/5

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Mr Puddy said...

Sound like a really lovely book to read
Thank you