Friday, April 01, 2016

White Bones - Graham Masterton

On a wet dark morning, the bones of eleven women are discovered under a rural farm in Ireland.  Katie McGuire and her team seek to find out when the women were killed and why in such a gruesome way.

Then a pretty young backpacker is picked up for a ride and disappears.  When her remains are found in a ritual display of body parts, they wonder if the same killer is back, trying to raise an ancient being from the darkness.

Part cop thriller and horror, it was held together by the wise voice of Katie, who is undergoing a lot of background turmoil, the death of her young son and a husband whose world is falling apart.  Still she keeps going - although she does make a few dubious decisions throughout the story, she comes across as a good complicated character.

I gave it a 5/5 because even though at times I was totally grossed out by the story, I was keen to dive into the book anytime I could. 5/5

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