Friday, June 03, 2016

An Exclusive Love - Johanna Adorjan

What a beautiful little memoir.  I love family stories, ones that recreate the little details, the living rooms and bedrooms, the gardens and kitchens where you get a little picture in your head of how they live.

  In this one Johanna Adorjan  tells us about her family, her Hungarian Jewish grandparents who survived the second world war, and then escaped from Hungary in 1956, to make a new life in Denmark.  She also recreates her grand parents final days, as they chose to end their lives together.  Their attention to detail, of taking care of the bills, making the house tidy, leaving notes and items for their loved ones.  A story that could have seemed grim and depressing seems  like a love letter to her family. 5/5

Haha - Just posting this I realized that I have read and reviewed this book before, but completely forgotten about it.  Middle aged lady brain has truly set in.

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