Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Violet Hour - Katie Roiphe

A bit of a clever little book, this one is about six writers as each approaches death, how they feel and spend their last weeks, days and hours sharing with friends and family and often still writing.  Such an interesting topic, as we all wonder how we would spend the days if we are lucky enough to know that the end is in sight, how we would chose to relax or would we keep ourselves busy.  Will we want to surround ourselves with people or retreat with just our nearest and dearest.  Will we eat our favorite foods, listen to our favorite music, race around or rest.

I found this look into the lives of these writers gave us a glimpse of a variety of different responses.  From those who chose to chase all the treatments they could to the end, to those who slipped away quietly with the minimum of fuss. 3/5

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