Tuesday, December 06, 2016

A Life in Parts - Bryan Cranston

I must admit to be a Bryan Cranston fan.  I only watched the first season of Breaking Bad, but loved him as the lovable dad Hal in Malcolm in the Middle.   Lately I have seen him being interviewed on a myriad of chat shows as he promotes this new memoir.

Written in mostly chronological order it is a series of stories about his life.  With mainly dysfunctional parents I enjoyed his stories and he came across as an interesting likable guy who learned some pretty good life lessons from the people he met.  4/5

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John Bellen said...

I often find that people will write autobiographies based on being in a popular television series or because of one event (e.g. Marsha Clark wrote a book about herself because she was the unsuccessful prosecutor in O. J. Simspon's first criminal trial), and their life isn't really interesting beyond that. I'm glad that Cranston's book is interesting and that he actually has something with which to fill it.

Some autobiographies are more memoirs - just series of recollections - which can be quite entertaining. I've found that books written by people from the Victorian era are often like that, and are often funny and enlightening, as well.