Saturday, March 04, 2017

Taken 3

A middle aged lady night in meant there was a load of washing already on the line, and a sink full if dishes soaking.  So with a bowl of ice cream and the candles lit, I sat down to tackle a movie from the DVR.   Taken 3 seemed a good choice  - who doesn't love a bit of Liam Neeson?

This one for me was a bit of a dud.  It seemed to be lacking in any cohesive story, just a series of car chases and shoot out scenes.  A bit of a worried looking daughter and two obviously bad guy cops.  All I could think throughout though, was that Liam looked bone tired like he just needed a good lie down on the couch and a good burger and fries.  Thank goodness it is the final of the three part franchise  - you have a rest now Liam.  2/5

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John Bellen said...

I liked the first "Taken" quite a bit; it was cathartic seeing all the bad guys get what they deserved. I'd heard that the sequel was much less good, so I didn't bother with it or this one. Though I like Neeson as an actor, and liked that he suddenly emerged as an action hero in his late fifties, he probably had a limited time in the genre. I laughed at your comment about him needing a good lie down on a couch.