Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Between Two Worlds- Tyler Henry

If you are familiar with Tyler Henry's show, then you know what the majority of this book is about.  It is always a little strange to read a memoir written by a 20 year old, as they have only a limited life experience.   Tyler tells us about his early years and how he first discovered his psychic abilities.

This book reinforced for me what a nice sweet boy he is, and how he uses his skills to help people heal and grow.  He does spend a fair part of this small book explaining what he believes which is interesting, discussing what he thinks happens when we die and how our love continues, even when our loved ones have passed. 4/5


John Bellen said...

I've not heard of him. Is he a New Zealander?

sallyhicks said...

I have watched him on tv. He does appear to have a gift. I am sceptical of most of these shows as the dead really do have rather inane comments to talk about. He lives in the US. Los Angeles I think.