Saturday, April 08, 2017

Rolling With The Punchlines - Urzila Carlson

Urzila Carlson is a South African born New Zealand comedian who has been popping up on our screens the past couple of years in a variety of shows.  Although she writes a little bit about the comedy, this mainly a story about her difficult childhood growing up with abuse and poverty.

I really enjoyed this book, she's a good story teller and I felt like I was just listening to a good friend chatting.  She doesn't have to throw in lots of absurd cheesy jokes to enhance the humor, her telling of the stories us entertaining enough. 4/5


John Bellen said...

There's a big difference between a comedian and a humorist, I've found, and one isn't automatically the other. It's interesting to read that this lady can be both.

sallyhicks said...

My hub picked up the book on thus The voyage of their life. Tonight I just looked through the photos. It is a huge book to read but so interesting looking. I read the clipping of what the voyage out was like and it was so disgusting. One of my families came to chch in 1850, another 1863. I don't have much know elegy on the 1st but in the 2nd my gr gr gr gramma went out in 1863 or67. The heat was so tremdous in the tropics and all the 2nd class single class women were closed down under shutters. My gr gr gr grandma was matron and she almost declare war on those poor hot. Young souls. And she won and they were allowed on deck with the men. I read diaries in the chch library when researching my family and their voyage was like hell. I read a diary of another passenger. I w wrote a book for our family and that was so interesting. It was a giveaway and not to be published. I wonder if you have traced your family tree. I stRTED IN 1964VWHEN MY DAD DIED AND SPENT YEARS INTERVIEWING PEOPLE I NEVER KNEW THAT WERE RALATED,
HHave you thought of that. If not a great retirement pt project.😀