Thursday, October 12, 2017

Big Pig, Little Pig - Jacqueline Yallop

Big Pig, Little Pig is the non fiction  story about author Jacqueline Yallop and her husband.  Living in a small rural holding in France, they decide to get two pigs to be raised for meet.  This is the story of their year together,  where they get to know and love the two animals in their care.

I enjoyed reading about the relationship and could see how easy it would be to bond with these intelligent animals.  I would find it hard to think of killing and eating my own animals, and if I think about it too hard, it makes me want to turn vegetarian straight away.  So I understand the author being conflicted about thinking about killing their pigs. 4/5


sallyhicks said...

Years ago when we moved to the country we bought a young calf and called it bull so it wouldn't have a name. Each day I walked down to his paddock and called Bull. He would come racing over and I would scratch his forehead and feed him his lucerne and for treats silver beet.
He had long black eyelashes and big brown eyes.when he was fully grown I gave him to the farmer next door as he was just too large. He became leader of the herd. I then didn't see him for a few years and then one day he was way across a paddock when I was on a walk. I called Bull and he came racing over for a scratch with tears poring down his face. How I loved him and the herd of cattle came and stood in a semi circle around him about 2 metres behind.and if it was possible he went up even higher in their estimation. He had a good life.😂

John Bellen said...

I think that's why farmers never name their slaughter animals. It'd be too hard on them when it came time.