Friday, October 13, 2017

The Jane Austen Project - Kathleen A. Flynn

Two time travelers, Liam and Rachel are chosen to go back in time to 1815 to meet Jane Austen and secure an unfinished manuscript and letters before her known death in 1816.  How would you integrate yourself in her life in a society full with many social rules and what if every decision you made may have consequences for the future?

A very interesting premise and I loved the idea - who wouldn't feel a bit giddy at the chance to become involved in the world of Jane Austen and meet the author herself?  I did feel that the sense of wonderment was a bit lacking in the story, how even with all the training the main characters underwent how the sights and smells would have been quite astonishing even for us.  How hard it must have been to not talk or act in a modern way.  4/5


sallyhicks said...

I love the idea of time travel and will see if my library has this

John Bellen said...

It sounds interesting and, as intriguing as it would be to meet the great author, I wonder why time travel in that universe is being used for something like finding a manuscript. Isn't there any number of more significant things to do if you can travel through time?