Sunday, October 20, 2013


It had been a rubbish old week with the weather, windy and wet and cold, so of course the night I pick to go out to the movies early is sunny and warm.  Never mind, I still got to see a bit of it and got dinner out before the 6.15pm showing ( old lady I know eating at 5.15pm).  So we went to see Gravity.  What a movie!!!

For a movie with only two characters, set in space I didn't think it would be quite my thing.  However I did enjoy it, and at some point I wasn't sure if my little heart could take the tension, I just wanted to read out and old George Clooney and Sandra Bullock and pull them in.

So it is definitely worth the price of a 3D ticket and make sure you see it at the movies, as it is worth seeing it on the biggest screen you can.  A worthy 4.5/5.

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