Monday, September 08, 2014

Four Sisters - Helen Rappaport

The author has brought to life the story of the Romanov family, from the marriage of the Tsar and his wife, to the family years right up till their murder in Siberia.  The title suggests that the book is about the four sisters, but I found it to be a more general description of family life.  I was surprised to read about how simple and isolated the family were, although they must have had their luxuries what with all those FabergĂ© eggs and all.

It is almost impossible sitting here a hundred years later after their deaths, to imagine in a modern world how such a leader and his family were able to be taken away and brutally killed.  I was surprised to ask around at work, and many of the twenty year olds were not aware of the story, one can only imagine if it happened to the pseudo celebrities of today, the internet would explode.  4/5

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