Monday, September 08, 2014

Music Monday - Shake it Off

Officially I am sure as a middle aged lady I am three times over the average age of most girls listening to Taylor Swift.  But I do find myself tapping my foot and singing along in my middle aged lady brain when the tune comes on the radio (that also shows how old I am - still listening to the radio in the morning).

Where I work, often the tv is on during the day for our clients, so we often get arguments about what channel will be on.  As most of the free to air channels are sponsored by endless replays of horrid informercials, robot roombas,  Wen haircare, pimple care and blenders, the staff are divided into the Al Jazeera camp and the music channel.  Now at least the music channel has changed into a channel run by the radio station, so at least we get some modern pop music.  Before it was run by depressed hipsters out to discover the next weirdo beardy band, with the occasional hip hop video of girls doing nasty twerking/gynae exams - hardly family friendly viewing.  So I have decided to stay neutral and not enter into the argument, although I do sneakily switch to the home channel every now and then.  To make the old ladies happy!

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