Monday, September 15, 2014

Romany and Tom - Ben Watt

What a poignant  love song this is,  to Ben Watts ageing parents  In this memoir, musician Ben Watts introduces us to, Romany who starts off as an actress and then becomes a journalist, dashing off to interview Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton abroad, and Tom, her second husband, a jazz band leader who after changing fortunes in music becomes a painter decorator.  Fuelled by a fair amount of alcohol, their relationship appears to have its rocky moments with plenty of arguments.

Although it made me sad to read about their decline, the memory loss, the falls, the loneliness and despair, Ben manages to remind us of the fun times they had together, the loving memories that bind a couple together.  I do so like a book that succeeds in making me both smile and produce some tears, and this one did this so well.  5/5

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