Saturday, October 04, 2014

Gone Girl

This morning I was feeling a bit ho hum about going to a movie this afternoon, as the sun was shining and it seemed a perfect day to spend outside.  As I approached the cinema though a big pile of black clouds followed me up the valley and gave us a huge old hail storm that banged and crashed above our heads and dropped the temperature way down.  Luckily I was saved by being in a shop, searching out bargain jackets at the time and for your information I found two at the lowly price of $9.99 each.

So a bestie and I ventured out in the Petone Lighthouse Cinema, which always makes us feel young as there was no one in the audience under 25 and we were in the younger age bracket with the majority of movie goers being 60+.  A perfect cinema audience, no ushers needed, no cellphones out and everyone cleans up after themselves.

We did wonder though, if they would enjoy the movie?  Some seemed a bit confused at the end.  I had read the book, so sort of knew what happened, but didn't remember much of it.  I did think though they did a great job of keeping you guessing and although most of it was a serious movie, it did make us laugh a few times as well as cringing at the violence.  Both lead actors were awesome, and it made my bestie excited to read the book on an upcoming plane trip.  I might even give it 4.5/5 - pretty close to perfect.

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