Thursday, October 09, 2014

Want You Dead - Peter James

This is the 10th and latest in the Roy Grace series by Peter James.  It started well, a gruesome death where you knew who done it while the coppers tried to figure it out.  I did miss though the presence of the moody Roy Grace, new dad and soon to be husband, solving crimes that other police can't solve and being able to figure out who the villain is before anyone else.

 Instead the novel spiralled off into the main story of a real estate agent who after a bad break up finds out that her jilted ex is an evil man.  I did so want to slap her and giver her a shake as she seemed so ditzy, and didn't seem to make any effort to avoid him, moving far away or changing her identity.

So I was left feeling a bit unsatisfied til the end.  The last four pages were good, and make you wait for the next one - to see what happens.  I must admit his cliffhangers always leave me wanting more.  3/5

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