Saturday, November 01, 2014

Bones Never Lie - Kathy Reichs

So a lazy spring holiday allowed me to kick back and read a few novels in a row which was quite the luxury.  It has been a long time since I stayed up late reading, and was able to get up and lie in bed to finish off a book.  Oh to win the lotto, imagine the books I could read!!

So in this, the number 17th of the Dr Brennan adventures, Kathy Reichs returns with a little  bit more of the charm that made her earlier novels so exciting.  I do still find it hard to get my head around her being so much out in the field, and helping police out so closely and then going off and investigating by herself all a bit strange. Surely such an expert would be either using her knowledge in the lab actually looking at the bones, or where remains are found?  I also wish there was more science and less relationship dramas in the books, providing for me a bit more balance.   Surely the will they/won't they finally get together has dragged on for enough books already.

Still I am sure I will chug along and read the next one, and the one after.  I have though had to give up on the television series.  Much as I like the characters, the storylines are so unrealistic and Hollywood overdone that I find it plastic and dull.

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