Sunday, November 09, 2014

Pitch Perfect

You think I might have realised that when all the twenty something girls at work went to see the movie together, that I might have known that I was not in the target audience.  It was scary realising that you are decades to old for a movie.  Not like when me and a bestie saw 10 things I Hate About You, we realised we were about 8 years too old to see it, or when they made me go and see Step Up at about the same time.  In my defence, this movie was on tv, so I loaded up the DVR and recorded it and tonight sat on my couch with a bag of nacho chips and some tip and chilled out.

So anyway, even though I am too old, I do get that it is just meant to be a bit of fun.  Really, it was just an extended episode of Glee, although the lead Anna Kendrick is much more likeable than any of the tv characters, in a similar vein it was packed full of cheesy singing and  a love story that we can figure out in the first five minutes.   2/5

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