Sunday, November 02, 2014

Finding Me - Michelle Knight

This one maybe wasn't the best holiday read, it doesn't seem like beachside reading, but as the weather at the lake was a bit hit or miss in spring, it filled in an afternoon or two.  I must admit to dread reading this type of book, violent crime especially to women and children leaves a sour taste in my mouth and makes me sleep poorly.  I had though seen Michelle Knight on the Dr Phil show, and was impressed at her stepping up to tell her story.

We know that news head lines, that in 2013, three women were rescued from the house in Cleveland Ohio, where they had been held captive by Ariel Castro.  Michelle Knight a young single mother had been taken in 2002 and held for over ten years, and subjected to brutal beatings and continued rapes.  Her descriptions are quite graphic and it was hard not to cry reading about the horrors that went on in that house.  Those poor poor girls.

You can only admire her bravery for standing up in public and telling her story, for providing a warning to other women and girls.  As a young mother to miss her son, and then ten years later to find out that he has been adopted into a loving home, and for her courage in being able to accept that he has a new life and to keep him out of the public eye.  I hope that she is able to carry on and have a new life and enjoy her freedom.  4/5

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