Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Miss Carter's War - Shelia Hancock

With a cold wintery summer day, and a day off it was a perfect time to stay up late and finish my latest  boo.  This book tells us the story of Marguerite Carter, a young half French/English woman who returns from undercover operations during the second world war to the quiet life in post war Britain.  After a degree from the University of Cambridge, she starts teaching English at a nice Grammar school.  With her we get to move the vast period of social change through the 50s, swinging60s and on until the 1980s seeing how fashion, music and morals all adjust and move forward.

With only small glimpses of her war life told to us in flashbacks, it was more of this story that I wanted to know.  I wanted to hear about the war, her friends and parents as I found her modern story a bit stiff and boring.  She seemed to be a great girl, a lovely friend and with a wide variety of interests, but somehow any passion or zest seemed missing, she just felt a bit hollow to me.  I wanted to love it more.  4/5

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