Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sunday Shopping from Home in My Pyjamas

  This awesome arrow marquee lighttherustedkey is pretty awesome and starts off my browsing around for things I'd love for Christmas.  It was horrid out there today, crowded, cold and raining and it is meant to be summer here in New Zealand.  My coat got soaked through and smelled like old hamburgers (not sure why), and my hair looked like crazy Anna Nicole.  So I came home and put the pyjamas on and dreamed shopped on ETSY.
If I won the Lotto I could happily shop from home and stay in my pyjamas forever.  Oh so happy.
Anyway here a few more of my faves.  Lovely little silver diamond rings with either a white or a black diamond from FRomaG .  Very sweet and petite enough to wear every day.
This lovely tassle necklace from Vintage Fables in Italy.  Not sure that I am the floaty romantic type.  Still a girl can dream.

Although maybe I am turning into an old softy as I get older, cos I love this Jar of Hearts original painting from Golly Bard.  

A whole family group from Timo Hand Made would be awesome as you can get them made to look like your family.  Maybe not in time for Christmas this year, but wouldn't your crew look great on the shelf!!

A new bag for the summer?   This one looks sturdy and could combat all the summer rain we have been having.  Pink hare bag from Susie Faulks Design in the UK.

And finally - something for my best buddy.  A cat cave from Agnes Felt .  Of course Miss Pops is often reluctant to sleep where she is told, we still reckon this cat bed is pretty damn cute.

Happy shopping my friends.

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Derby, Ducky said...

Mum agrees with staying home and shopping, specially this time of year. She did go out today, but early before the stores got bizzy. Not to shop for prezzies, but stuff on special sale that she needed.

Now home and snug, but not in her jammies. Although it is mild and sunny here today for December.