Sunday, December 07, 2014

There's Been Something I've Been Dying to Tell You - Lynda Bellingham

For me, this was an emotional read as you knew how the ending would go.I had seen a lot of tributes to her on television this year, and it was sad to hear of her death.  Full marks to Lynda Bellingham for writing this book which is really a chronicle of her diagnosis of colon cancer to her death this year.  She is a brave woman and does not sugar coat the roller coaster ride of diagnosis, chemo and ultimately facing death.

But rather than being a totally grim read, the story is peppered with fun stories from her life and full of the love she has for her husband and her children.   So sad that her time with them was cut short, you could feel her pain at the thought of leaving them.

I wish there were more stories about such interesting hard working people and real stories like this rather than all the pseudo celebrities we are force fed every day.  We could all gain some wisdom by listening to people at the end of their lives, taking the time to focus on what is really important and not letting time pass us by.


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