Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Imitation Game

A grey spitty weekend day gave me permission to venture inside and watch a movie, something I have avoided over the sunny summer we have been having.  I had been wanting to see The Imitation Game for some time, so was glad to see it at the cinema before it disappeared.  

Arrested in the 50s for being a homosexual, Alan Turing is questioned about what he did in the war, and through this we learn about his part in breaking the Enigma code at Betchely Park, an important turning point that enabled the British and the Allies to bring World War Two to an end.

Such an engaging and interesting film, all held together by the amazing Benedict Cumberbatch.  I could listen to his voice for hours, it is truly mesmerising.  His performance was restrained and brilliant, and I hope he wins the Oscar.  It would be well deserved.

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