Sunday, February 15, 2015


It is crazy that we are already experiencing cooler days and evenings in Mid February, the middle of our summer.  After a long grey winter, we really need a few nicer weeks before autumn arrives.  Looking at our friends in the  Northern Hemisphere, we know that we must seem petty, as perched on our little islands we have quite mild weather with little in the way of extreme cold or searing hot,  but the grey skies can get a girl down.

So it was a perfect chilly afternoon yesterday, the long pants were pulled out and the sandals put away, closed in shoes worn and a scarf topped off my outfit.  As it was valentines, me and a bestie chose to avoid the evening sessions, and instead had a late lunch and then went to see Wild at the cinema.  As it was valentines Day, I shouted my bestie an ice cream - for that is the kind of friend I am.

I had read the book, but my friend had not.  She really enjoyed the movie, and I thought they did a great job of interrupting the story.  If you don't know - Wild is the true story about Cheryl Strayed who after a divorce, heroin addiction and the death of her mother decides to hike the Pacific Coast Trail from Mexico to Canada.  Months alone in the desert and hills force her to face her demons and I guess find herself and is a story that has resonated with lots of people.

Reese Witherspoon does an awesome job, and is the perfect actress for this role, in a role unlike her other cutsie characters.   I think I like her in this more serious persona far more than any other movie I have seen her in.

Just a warning - there is some sex and drug scenes in this movie, so not one for the youngsters.  4/5

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