Thursday, February 12, 2015

Until Further Notice I am Alive - Tom Lubbock

This small journal is written by author and art critic Tom Lubbock, who in 2008 was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  With a wife and young son, he writes for the following two years about his journey, his medical and surgical experiences, his sense of loss and concern for his young family.  

I had earlier read the memoir written by his wife Marion Coutts - The Iceberg, and was touched by the poetic beauty of her writing, how in such a stressful time she was still able to be eloquent and graceful.  How even though they were struggling as Toms battle with brain cancer was continuing, they were so open and welcoming to friends and family.

It is humbling to read such memoirs, putting our petty worries in perspective.  3/5

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