Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Little Chaos

It has been a mini film festival this week, with two movies in two days. It was all helped by the aid of a voucher for a discount for two tickets - thank you friends.  Luckily the grey haired brigade are out in force in the countries cinemas, and the multiplexs are suffering as the teenagers and twenty somethings are out being too busy taking selfies or downloading to go to the movies.  So with rain forecast and a brunch date with a bestie, two tickets were booked to this one.

It starts with a rumpled Alan Rickman in the bed, so we knew we would would like it.  What is not to like?  Kate Winslet, corsets and beautiful scenery.  Just what us middle aged ladies like.  Personally we think Alan Rickman should be king - minus the knickerbockers, crazy shoes, big ugly wig, coloured tights and over powdered face.

So in truth this is the story of an independent woman, who gains her place designing and overseeing a garden to be built at Versailles.  A pleasure to look at and soak in, it just could have done with a bit more of a tighter story line.  I must say it was a pleasure to watch a movie where 95% of the actors were over 30 years old and not a botoxed forehead to be seen.  4/5

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