Sunday, March 08, 2015

Not That Kind of Girl - Lena Dunham

Oh Lena, just like your tv series that you write direct and star in, you are one part entertaining with a whole lot of boring neurotic crazy thrown in that makes me want to turn off your show, or in this case  - stop reading your book.  Just because you  use the word vagina liberally,  does not excuse you for trying to be free and easy on one hand, and then over analyse each conversation or memory.

I have seen you interviewed in real life, and I found you to be charming and intelligent .  I am glad that you have a voice, that girls get to see a normal type girl on the screen rather than these 6 ft tall supermodels that seem to be in every tv show, and that you voice the average girl experience.  The one who struggles to get a job, to understand men and to fit in. You have girlfriends with real life problems, I like that part about your life and on the show.

Parts of this book were amusing, she does have some talent, I just found the majority of the book to be irritating and shallow.   2/5

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