Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dirty Chick - Antonia Murphy

I haven't read too many books lately that I didn't want to end, and I could have kept going reading this one.  Antonia Murphy and her husband decide to leave their lives in the US and sail to NZ, and after a few years and two small kids find themselves housesitting for a year in rural New Zealand.  Left to look after the animals at the small holding they live in, they gradually acquire a rather motley crew of adopted animals, alpacas, chickens, a rooster, goats and dogs.

With their two young children, fitting into the local community is a bit of a challenge, especially as their eldest Silas has special needs.  It sounds like they found the perfect spot though with a school that is able to adapt easily to his needs.

I loved this honest and highly amusing story of novice farmers.  I guess a lot of us have dreams of a small farm, but after reading so many stories about animal poop you might want to change your mind.  I don't have too many illusions about it being easy, but this makes me think I would be mad to create that much work for myself.  5/5

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