Monday, April 06, 2015

The Price of Blood - Patricia Bracewell

This Easter has given us some sunny days perfect for walking and some cloudy windy afternoons that also have been good for sitting on the couch catching up with the DVR or lying on the bed reading.  So relaxing has been the order of the weekend.

I was excited to find this one in my reserves pile at the library, and left it to have it as my Easter read. We get to meet Emma, Queen of England again in 1006 as Englands shores become more threatened by  Viking enemies.  I loved the first book in this series - Shadow on the Crown, and like a lot of middle books in a trilogy it suffers from just holding and building the story, and form me I felt a little like it was dragged out.  Both female characters Queen Emma and Cnuts wife Elgiva are strong and I loved their stories, but could have done with less of the drawn out mens stuff talking of sides and battles.

Still I do look forward to the next book, the final one where I am sure we will be excited by the action. 3/5

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