Sunday, April 05, 2015

Woman In Gold

So as a middle aged lady person I am lucky that my job often gives me the opportunity to have days off during the week, where I can head off to see a movie during the day.  Lately though as the weather eases towards winter, I have discovered the pleasure of going to see a movie during a weekend day, and today on Easter Sunday I thought I would go and see this one Woman In Gold.  I had seen the trailers and it did appeal to me, and as the cinema was reasonably full at lunchtime with other singletons, I could see that a few others had the same idea.

Woman in Gold is the story of Maria Altmann (played by Helen Mirren), an Austrian Jewish immigrant who with her lawyer, played by Ryan Reynolds, seeks to get a family painting returned to her from the Austrian Government, after it was looted from the family home by Nazis.  Not just any painting, this is one of two paintings of her favourite aunt Adele, painted by Gustav Klimt.

Such a good story, and I thought the movie well done, balanced so well between telling the present day story and what happened to the family during the war.  Vienna looked beautiful, and me and my winning lotto ticket (I wish!!) would love to have a holiday there.

I am glad that I had the waterproof mascara on, as there were cheek rolling tears and a quivery lip - although as I have got older I have become a softy and a movie cryer - don't judge me!  5/5

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