Sunday, January 31, 2016


I had a free Sunday today, no work or commitments of any kind.  So I promised myself if I got an early night on Saturday night I would take myself off to an early movie and do some jobs in the afternoon.  So I was up at 8am on Sunday and still managed a couple of loads of washing before leaving the house.  It is a bit of a hike up hill and then a wander along the flat and only a 20 minute walk to the cinema.   I was joined by about only 10 other patrons, but that was understandable as it was the first real sunny day we had had all week.

I loved this movie so much.  It was subtle and gentle and Saoirse Ronan is fantastic as Ellis, a young Irish girl who is given the opportunity to travel to Brooklyn New York to have a new life.  She is terribly homesick after leaving her beloved sister and mother, and is stuck in a boring job at a department store and living in a boarding house with other single girls.  However things begin to change and she embraces her new life.  I won't say much more, for that would give away the whole story.

Everything was so well done, from actually filming in Ireland and some sites in New York to the costumes that looked like real people wore them.  Most of all I loved the delightful love story and the touch of humor that Jim Broadbent and Julie Walters added to the story.  Worth a visit to the cinema.  5/5

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